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India clean sweeps the series.

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Q: Cricket results India vs S Africa?
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Can i watch south Africa vs India cricket match through dd national?

Yuo cannot watch. This match is broadcasted in ten cricket

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Where can you watch India vs England cricket online free?

Watch India vs England Cricket - Test Match - Live Free

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vs. Netherlands CRICKET vs. Canada FOOTBALL vs. Scotland SPEEDWAY vs. Kenya BASEBALL vs. Zimbabve DAGGY vs. Ireland DINGO vs. Bangladesh CARTMANvs. West Indies CLASSIC vs. England MICKEY vs. India MCBEAR vs. Pakistan ROCKET vs. Sri Lanka BGARKvs. New Zealand MONKEY vs. South Africa BEEFY vs. Australia TUGGA

Which team played against India when sehwag hits 319 in test?

virender sehwag has scored 2 triple centuries in international test cricket for India.309 vs Pakistan and 319 vs south Africa. infact sehwag is my favorite cricketr.

What is the highest score in cricket world cup?

188 runs by Gary Kirsten of South Africa in 1996 against UAE.

Which teams scored above 400 runs in odi cricket?

India,South Africa,Australia and Sri-lanka these are the team's scored above 400 runs in odi cricket. Infact India Did it thrice(against srilanka,bermuda and south africa).India is the only team to achieve this feat thrice.

What will happent20 cricket between India vs aliens?

T20(India v/s. Aliens)

What is srilankas hieghst cricket score?

912 - 8 vs India

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it willl never happen