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No, the Indianapolis Colts have been officially eliminated.

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2011-12-26 01:35:52
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Q: Can the Indianapolis Colts make it into the playoffs in 2011?
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Which young upstart NFL team will make the playoffs?

The young upstart NFL team that is predicted may make the playoffs is the Indianapolis Colts though they have little chance of actually winning the finals.

How much does the Indianapolis Colts mascot make?

$1 an hour

Where does t he Indianapolis Colts pla y?

They play at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana. For more on the Colts, make sure to like Colts 101 and Sports Media 101 on facebook!

Will the Saint Louis Cardinals make the playoffs in 2011?

yes the cardinals will make the playoffs in 2011

Are the colts going to make it to the 2010 playoffs?

they might only if Jacksonville loses and the colts have to win there next 3 games.

What team holds the record for consecutive NFL playoff appearances?

As of the 2008 season, that is the Dallas Cowboys who made the playoffs for nine consecutive seasons between 1975-1983. If the Indianapolis Colts make the 2010 playoffs, then they will tie the Cowboys with 9 consecutive NFL playoff appearances. 2002-2010

Will the Indianapolis Colts go to the Playoffs?

With the new coach, Im sure they will. Our new coach, Jim Caldwell, was our defensive coordinator for a long time, so it won't really take alot of changing... But, yes, they will make the playoffs (as long as Peyton Manning stays healthy), and will win the Super Bowl... I GUARANTEE IT!

Did the Minnesota Vikings make the playoffs in 2011?

No, they did not.

Will the lakers make it to the playoffs?

Not 2011 season

Which teams will make it to the Super Bowl XLIV?

The Indianapolis Colts and The New Orleans Saints will make it to the superbowl XLIV.

Who are the most likely teams to make it to the NFL playoffs?

Colts, Bengals, Saints, Chargers, Cardinals, Vikings

Who do the Dallas Cowboys play during the playoffs?

The Cowboys failed to make the 2011 playoffs.

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