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Yes, but if he starts a batter right-handed he must finish that batter right-handed (or left-handed if he started the batter left-handed).

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Would it be possible for someone to note the rule in MLB, or in any organized Baseball league, that states a pitcher cannot change hands to a batter during an at bat. This question comes up a lot with the question of 'can a batter switch sides of the plate during an at bat'. It would be great if someone could note the rule concerning this.

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Q: Can a right handed pitcher change to left handed in a game?
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Which is the only game to allow only right handed players?

The game of polo requires that all players play right handed. Left handed play was discontinued in the mid 1970s.

Can a pitcher switch from left-handed to right-handed or vice versa to the same batter?

YES ... this has happened in MLB game ... the batter batted on the left so the pitcher switched throwing hands when the batter seen that pitcher had swished throwing hands the batter switched batting sides ... as the batter swiched side the pitcher swiched his throwing arm ... this happened so much that the umpire had to tell the pitcher and batter to stop delaying the game and pick a side/arm ...

What is Another word for pitcher in the US?

Baseball pitcher - depending on when they enter the game - can be referred to as Long Reliever, Setup man, Closer. A pitcher can also be referred to as a Left-handed specialist if he is put in the game for that reason.

Who knows if Kermit the frog is right or left handed?

in the game trivial pursuit it says he was left handed.

What is the ratio of right handed pitchers to left handed pitchers?

588 pitchers have appeared in at least one game in 2009. 420 are right handed, and 168 are left handed. This means that 71% of pitchers are right handed and 29% are left-handed, which comes to a righty-to-lefty ratio of about 2.5:1.

Do left handed persons throw a tennis ball further than right handed persons?

it doesn't matter if the person id left handed or right handed... if the person is good at the game then he is really good.

How to determine left or right handed golf swing?

When you are picking up the game you should try hitting left and right handed shots and see which you are most comfortable with. Just because you write right handed, doesn't mean you will play left handed. Phil Mickelson actually writes right handed. The vast majority of golfers are right handed, very few play left handed.

Which game is played right handed also if you are left handed?

TennisIn FIELD HOCKEY, you must play the ball with the flat side of the stick, predominantly out to the right side of your body. Therefore, whether left or right handed, you must hold the stick with a right handed grip.

Is there a switch thrower in baseball?

There is a minor leaguer in the Yankees system named Pat Venditte who is a true switch pitcher (pitches left-handed to lefties and right-handed to righties, does a little shuffle with switch hitters), but he has yet to make the majors. In a game in the mid-90s, righty Greg Harris pitched to a few batters left-handed. An 1800s pitcher named Tony Mullane, usually a righty, pitched left-handed to several batters over the course of his career, but not enough to be considered a true switch-pitcher.

Is the polo game to allow only right - handed players?


What field game is only played with the right hand?

All players must hit right handed in the game of polo. Left handed play was discontinued in the mid 1970s due to safety reasons.

Which is the only game to allow only right-handed players?

Field Hockey

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