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Brian Lara's highest score in Test cricket is 400 not out for the West Indies against Antigua in 2004.

Brian Lara's highest score a first-class innings is 501 not out for Warwickshire against Durham in 1994, the only quintuple century in first-class cricket history.

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400 in test cricket & 169 in ODI Also 501 not out in first class cricket.

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Q: Brian Lara top score
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Top score in test cricket in one innings?

Brain Charles Lara!! 400*

Top international cricket batsmen?

The top international cricket batsmen is brian Lara because he scored 400 not out against England

What is total test score of Mr.Brain Lara?

11953 runs from 131 test matches Avg: 52.88 Hundreds: 34 Top Score: 400 Not out.

Who is the top try score ever in the 6 nations?

Brian O'Driscoll (Ireland)

Top 5 test cricket century scorers?

Sachin Tendulkar Ricky Ponting Sunil Gavaskar Brian Lara Steve Waugh

How many runs Lara made in odi?

10,405 in 299 ODIs, that's an average of 40.48. Centuries: 19 Top score: 169

Who are the top 5 run scorers of Test Cricket?

1.Sachin Tendulkar, 2.Rahul Dravid, 3.Ricky Ponting, 4.Brian Lara, 5.Jacques Kallis

What are the top scores in cricket?

High scores usually go up in 50's so 50 100 150 200 250 (not unknown) 501 by Brian Lara in a first class game and 400 in a test match was and still is amazing Also I have a book recording cricket conversations between the defending batsmen and wicket keeper it states that Brian Lara scored six off of every ball bowled the comments were hilarious

What is ajay ratra's highest score?

Ajay Ratra's top score in tests is 115*. His top score in ODI is 30.

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Chris Broad's top score in tests is 162. His top score in ODI is 106.

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