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Q: Babe Ruth played which sport
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What sport was Babe Ruth a champion for?


When did the Orioles get Babe Ruth?

Babe Ruth never played for the Orioles

How did baseball became a popular sport?

babe ruth xD

Did Babe Ruth become obsessed with his sport and how?

no but, he loved baseball

In what sport was Babe Ruth and Jack Dempsey heroes?

Babe Ruth was a hero of Major League baseball. And Jack Dempsey was a hero of Boxing.

What was Babe Ruth's number when he played for the New York Yankees?

Babe Ruth's number was #3

Whose nickname was ''The Babe''?

"The Babe" was Babe Ruth. He played in the Major Leagues from 1914-1935. He played an outfielder for 22 seasons.

Where did Babe Ruth first play?

The first team Babe Ruth played for was the Boston Red Sox.

What position did Babe Ruth play for the New York Yankees?

Babe Ruth played right field for the New York Yankees.

How long did Babe Ruth play for the braves?

Babe Ruth played one year for the Boston Braves, in 1935.

Did Babe Ruth play a baseball in phily?

Babe Ruth played dozens of games in Phildelphia, against the Athletics.

In the pride of the Yankees Gary Cooper played Lou Gehrig who played Babe Ruth?

Babe Ruth played himeself in the 1942 movie "Pride of the Yankees" Babe Ruth missed several days of shooting during the production because of illness. Interesting note: In the movie "The Babe Ruth Story', which starred William Bendix as Babe Ruth, Bendix had been a Yankee bat boy in the 1920's.