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1: it will help u lose those belly rolls

2: it will get rid of those ugly cankles

3: it might help u live longer (to eat more food)

4: to stop people from making fun of ur belly rolls, and cankles

5:so you won't die while eating an AWEOSME meal

6: just lose that fat already and don't wear a bikini

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Health and skill fitness

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Q: 5 parts of physical fitness that help you stay healthy?
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What is fitness education?

Is a component of movement education. Can be defined as that part of the curriculum that emphasizes the importance of physical activity and physical fitness to a healthy and productive quality of life.

Why do we need to do some physical fitness sports and talent test?

to stay healthy, release stress, and help prevent heart attacks

What is the best purpose of exercise fitness?

The purpose of exercise fitness is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It can improve your physical strength, cardio-vascular health, flexibility, and balance as well as help you lose weight and maintain healthy blood sugar and blood pressure levels.

Is it true that a fit person must be healthy because od their fitness level and muscular physical?

To be healthy you need to be psychologically in peace and stable, being built can help but healthiness isn't only in looks

How important gymnastic in physical fitness?

gymnastics can really help your physical fitness drastically. but is not mandatory for you to include it in your daily exersice. there are many other things to do to help your physical fitness and gymnastics is definitely one sport that that can help you gain muscle in all the major areas like abs, arms, thighs and will tighten everything up.

Do you have to have gym to pass high school?

Because a level of physical fitness will help you concentrate, study, and provide a healthy basis for your adult life.

What are three major component of physical fitness?


Objective of physical fitness sport talent test?

A physical fitness sports and talent test will help determine what level of exercise program you can perform without doing damage to your muscles and organs

Describe a career that utilizes physical science?

Two careers that utilize physical science is that of an Athletic Nutritionist or a Personal Trainer. A Physical Trainer assesses an individuals physical fitness and works to help them improve at it. A nutritionist studies physical science as a way to keep a individual healthy through proper and tailored nutrition.

Will rugby help in a mma fight?

Not really as the skills are not compatible but the physical fitness is.

Why is a diet important for you heath?

Diet is most important element of our health and fitness because it provides those elements which are so much necessary for our health and fitness. A healthy diet will help ensure our body is getting the nutrition it needs, and will help us in maintaining our healthy weight. A well-balanced diet along with physical activity is very helpful to maintain our good health and weight. It also gives high-quality proteins, carbohydrates, heart-healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and water to our body. That's why, a healthy diet is too much important for our good health and fitness.

What is the best physical Fitness plan for me ?

The best physical Fitness plan for you depends on if you are female or male and how much you want to lose. It is best to get a personal trainer to help you design a plan that works for you.