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Q: Why the clearence provoided to the f1 cars is less than the normal cars?
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How many pounds does a normal car battery weigh?

20-25 lbs, less with smaller cars.

What does the company Cars For Less offer?

There is not a company called Cars For Less. However when searching for the Cars For Less what comes up is a search for Company Cars. So, guessing Cars For Less if it did exist would offer Company Fleet Cars.

Electric and Hybrid Cars?

Electric and hybrid cars are excellent vehicles for those consumers looking to save money on fuel costs and at the same time better the environment. Electric and hybrid cars have an electrical engine to go along with the gas engine, allowing the electric engine to assist the gas engine in times of need. Electric and hybrid vehicles not only cost less to buy than normal cars, but fuel costs are less than 25% than that of normal cars.

Where do you buy abercrombie items for less money?

Go to the clearence section and shop for next season. I buy my kids clothes from Abercrombie kids, top of the line clothes I get for almost half price by shopping in the clearence section at the end of each season for the next season. Can't beat it!

Hybrid Cars Eco Friendly?

Not only are hybrid cars less expensive than normal vehicles but they are more eco friendly. These cars accomplish this by having two energy sources, using a standard combustion engine with an electrical engine. Inside of hybrid cars is a computer system that makes the decision of whether to run on gasoline or electricity. The less gasoline we use the more saved and the less harmful fumes are emitted into our environment.

Is it less cars or fewer cars?


What are some gas friendly cars on the market?

The best gas friendlt cars on the market are hybrids, which use substanially less gas then the normal modles. Some of these cars include the Toyota Pruis Hybrid, Ford Fusion Hybrid and the Honda Civic Hybrid.

What do people sleep in?

in normal circumstances the sleep in beds. Although in other less fortunate cases they sleep in cars, cardbard or other random objects.

What is the importance of driver-less cars?

Driver less cars save time, gas and lives

Why do cars need to be lightweight or weigh less?

Heavy cars are not economical. Lightweight cars use less fuel to get them moving and keep them moving.

What cars are 100 inches or less in length?

smart cars

How do hybrid cars save energy?

They use a lot of less fuel, than a normal car. Gas is one of the most important non-renewable energy sources.