Why does NASCAR use pushrod engines?

Updated: 10/24/2022
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It helps keep speeds down.

A pushrod engine can only turn so many RPMs before the engine isn't able to properly control the valve train. It's called "float." When the valves float, you lose power.

An overhead-cam engine directly controls the valves, so engines set up thusly can turn far faster than pushrod engines. And all else equal, the faster your engine turns, the faster your car goes.

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Q: Why does NASCAR use pushrod engines?
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Do NASCAR engines use antifreeze?

Yes, NASCAR racing engines use antifreeze. There is no other way for them to keep the engine from overheating. NASCAR engines are similar to street engines but with more horsepower.

Does NASCAR use turbocharged engines?

No, NASCAR engines are naturally aspirated and turbochargers are prohibited (not allowed).

Does nascar use inline 6 engines?

No, they use V8 engines.

What kind of engines does NASCAR use?

NASCAR uses stock engines, with many of the racers using the engines created by Roush-Fenway. These are four stroke engines that reach horsepower of over 800.

Do Nascar teams use synthetic oil in their race engines?


What is the compression ratio of NASCAR engines?

The compression ratio for NASCAR engines is limited to 12.0:1.

Does your 2004 Chevy Malibu have a timing belt or timing chain?

Pushrod engines have a chain. Overhead cam engines have a belt.

Where are the NASCAR engines built?

In team shops.

Does the company NASCAR use Cometic Gaskets on their cars?

Nascar do allow the use of Cometic gaskets on the racing cars. The cometic gasket is produced with today's lightweight engines in mind and provides extra performance and power output

What size engines are used in NASCAR?

360 c.i. v8

Do NASCAR engines use coolant?

No, NASCAR engines are cooled by water. Ethylene glycol cannot be used due to the fact that if there is a wreck, the track will remain slick in that area and a hazard. In addition, it would not be good for the environment.

Does the fiesta 1.3 finesse on a 1998 model have a cam belt?

No, the 1.3 is pushrod. 1.2 and 1.25 engines do have belts