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There's no rule describing a NASCAR dash, so they allow the driver to lay it out the way he or she wants it.

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Q: Why are all NASCAR dashboards different?
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you get a job in NASCAR by being a good racer in a different but less popular racing leauge., and maybe some NASCAR racing teams like you and want to sign you to your team.but there is 4 levels of NASCAR least popular Whelen to the Trucks to the NATIONWIDE series and then to the most popular Sprint cup Series where all the best is.but before all of this you need a racing licnese.

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How do they track speeds in NASCAR?

This site may interest you, (excerpt) PitCommand delivers real-time, GPS-based telemetry from all 43 NASCAR Sprint Cup cars. Follow the cars as they circle the track, watch virtual dashboards, listen to in-car audio, and more. For more details about the PitCommand experience, check out the PitCommand views below. Please see related link They use radar that is spaced at various intervals around the track.

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NASCAR abandoned North Carolina Speedway to make way for a different track to open. NASCAR will not extend the season by adding more races.

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