Who won the Charlotte races in 1986?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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U need 2 makes your question clearer, charlotte what?,charlote toes ,nail and etc.

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  • May 25, 1986 - Coca-Cola 600 (Dale Earnhardt Sr.)
  • October 5, 1986 - Oakwood Homes 500 (Dale Earnhardt Sr.)
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Q: Who won the Charlotte races in 1986?
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What races did Dale Earnhardt senior win?

April 13, 1986 - TranSouth 500 (Darlington Raceway)April 20, 1986 - First Union 400 (North Wilkesboro Speedway)May 25, 1986 - Coca-Cola 600 (Charlotte Motor Speedway)October 5, 1986 - Oakwood Homes 500 (Charlotte Motor Speedway)November 2, 1986 - Atlanta Journal 500 (Atlanta International Raceway)

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