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Felipe Massa of Ferrari.

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Q: Who was the winner of the gulf air Bahrain grand prix 2008?
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What is the name of the formula one race course in Bahrain?

Bahrain International Circuit. Gulf Air Grand Prix

What part of the Middle East is Bahrain in?

Bahrain is an island in the Persian Gulf along the coast of Saudi Arabia.

What is a group of small islands in the western Persian gulf?

bahrain is a small group of islands in the western persian gulf

What is the small country on persain gulf?

Bahrain is the smallest country in the Persian Gulf.

What major bodies of water are around Bahrain?

gulf of bahrain

Which is the smallest country in gulf?

Bahrain is the smallest country in the Gulf region, both in terms of area and population.

Is one of the countries in the Persian Gulf Bahrain which occupies border on the Persian Gulf?

Yes. Bahrain is an island-country surrounded entirely by the Persian Gulf.

What is the nation in the Persian gulf?

Bahrain is the Island nation in the Gulf.

What small country borders the Persian Gulf?

Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar are the smallest countries that border the Persian Gulf and Bahrain is the smallest.

What country has Bahrain coins?

The Bahraini dinar is the current currency of Bahrain, and is only used but the kingdom of Bahrain. Previously, Bahrain had shared its currency (the gulf rupee) with other nationals in the gulf, however in 1965 a soley Bahraini currency was established.

Which country is a group of islands that together form the smallest of the Gulf States?

Bahrain is a group of islands in the Persian Gulf that form the smallest of the Gulf States. It is an archipelago made up of 33 islands, with Bahrain Island being the largest and most populous.

Where is Bahrain located in the middle east?

Bahrain is an archipelago in the Gulf of Persia. Situated on the West coast between Saudi Arabia and Qatar. See related link for a map.