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I'm not 100% sure but I think it was Rubens Barrichello at the 2008 Australian GP

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Q: Who was the last Formula One driver to receive a black flag?
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What color flag would a motor racing driver receive if he were disqualified?

Black Flag.

Who was the last Formula One driver to receive a black flag with an orange spot?

Robert Kubica, Italy 2009, he hit Mark Webber at turns 4-5, Webber retired but Kubica's right part of his front wing was damaged so he received a Black and Orange flag.

What is a driver being accused of if shown a black and white numbered flag?

If a driver is a shown a black flag with a white "X", it means s/he is no longer being scored by NASCAR until s/he comes to the pits to serve a penalty for whatever infraction they committed (reckless driving, speeding down pit road, going below the yellow line at Daytona or Talladega). Usually, s/he has a 5 lap limit to answer the regular black flag before NASCAR will pull out the black with white X flag. If the driver is shown a black and white "checkered" flag, it means the race is over and s/he is the winner of the race.

What is a black flag?

In auto racing, the solid black flag is used to summon a driver to the pits. It is usually used to punish a driver or team for disobeying the rules, but may also be used when a car is suffering a dangerous mechanical failure, such as a loose hood or dragging bumper, or even calling a driver to the pits when their radio is not working.

What does a blue flag white cross mean in motor racing?

If a driver does not pit within five laps of receiving a black flag they will be shown a black flag with a white 'X' on it.This flag tells the driver that they are no longer being scored by NASCAR and have effectively been disqualified from the race until they obey the previous black flag and pit. Go to this site for all the Flag meanings: *

Were did captain driver hide his flag?

Captain william Driver hide the flag into his comforter.

What are the different NASCAR flags?

Green - Race is starting/retstarting Yellow - Race is under caution Red - Race must stop White - 1 lap left to go Black - Driver must come to pits Black w/ a white X - Driver has not come to pits within 5 laps and they are no longer being scored Blue - "courtesy" flag or the "move over" flag. It is the only flag that is optional. A driver may, at his discretion, ignore this flag. Checkered - Race it over == ==

Where is captain drivers flag today today?

Captain Driver's flag is at the Smith Institution.

What is the colour of the flag shown to a driver during an F1 race if the driver is banned from the particular race?

You can be shown a black flag with the car number if you are disqualified mid race. You can't be "banned" unless you qualify below the 107% time or cause a lot of serious accidents.

Where is captains flag today?

Captain Driver's flag is at the Smith Institution.

What does the black background on the Australian flag signify?

The Australian flag doesn't have a black background. It's blue. The Aboriginal flag, however, includes a black stripe representing the Aboriginal people, but this is not the national flag.

Why is St davids flag black and yellow?

whys saint david's flag black and yellow