Who is Blake Webb?

Updated: 12/17/2022
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Blake Webb is a 12-year-old Idaho boy, who lost his life on March 17, 2007, in a tragic motorcycle accident while practicing on a track in Washington. Blake's parents, Jessi and Laurice Webb of Rathdrum, Idaho, started the Blake Webb Motorcycle Safety Awareness Foundation as a way to deal with the death of their young son. The foundation raises money to provide tracks with the yellow safety flags to warn riders when another is down. If there had been flaggers working at Horn Rapids ORV Park, now called the Horn Rapids Motorsports Complex, when Blake was practicing, the boy's death likely could have been avoided, Jessi Webb said. Blake had jumped his motorcycle over a double jump during a practice session March 17. He landed the jump then crashed. The boy was getting up and picking up his bike when a 19-year-old rider on a much larger bike went over the same jump, landed and was unable to avoid hitting Blake. The rider, unable to see over the jump, had no idea Blake was down.

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Q: Who is Blake Webb?
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