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dave palone herve filion cat manzi tony morgan dave magee

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Q: Who are the top 5 active harness racing drivers in wins?
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What sport did Herve Fillion top with a record of 14084 wins?

Herve Filion was a Canadian harness racer.

What is the song called in Mary Poppins after she wins the racing?


Which drivers have the most consecutive Daytona 500 wins?

Jeff Gordon has the most Daytona 500 wins for an active driver. He won the race three times (1997, 1999, 2005).

What is Scott Dixon's claim to fame?

Scott Dixon is a race car driver active in America's Indy Racing League. He is the most successful driver of all time in that league, achieving 29 wins so far.

What does Elliot sadler make a year?

Who cares? He is racing in the Nationwide series and the money is in the Cup series. He obviously is racing for wins, not cash.

Which british drivers has the most wins at silverstone?

The British Driver with the most F1 wins is Nigel Mansell with 31.

How much wins have the f1 red bull team have?

Team Red Bull has been racing in F1 since 2005 Australian GP. They have a total of 107 races that they have completed and have won 15 of them. They won both the drivers and constructors titles in the year 2010 which can be considered by far their most dominating display ever in the F1 racing seasons so far.

How many Nascar drivers have less than 10 wins?

Most of them

Who won the 1962 Formula One World Championship?

Graham Hill driving for Brabham Racing Organization (BRM) won the 1962 formula one drivers championship. He had a total of 42 points from 4 wins that season. Jim Clark finished in 2nd place with 30 points and 3 wins that season. BRM won the constructors championship as well.

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