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#1 Ryan Villopoto

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Q: Who are the top 20 supercross rider of all time?
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Who is the best horse rider in England?

Stephen sword Multiple schoolboy champion (every class) 2 times Under 21 champion 2 times British supercross champion 4 times British motox champion Dutch motocross champion top 10 in the world for a decade (best result 4) Represented Great Britain multiple times at the des nations Been at the top of the sport for a long time. There's been no better rider in the last 25 years in the uk.

Why is James Stewart not racing all outdoor races for 2009?

the decision was Larry brookes, his team owner. Yamaha doesnt usually let their top riders race outdoors, supercross is where the money is

Who is America's top female equestrian rider?

bezzie madden is the best out of all

Who are the top five income earners for Supercross 2011?

Ryan villipoto, James Stewart, Ryan dungey, Chad Reed, Kevin Windham

Who is the top horseback rider that uses OnTyte stirrups?

The top rider using Ontyte would be hard to say, but the first top rider using Ontyte was Laura KrautSome of the others include:Kim PrinceMcLain WardLauren HoughRichard SpoonerPhillip DuttonSchuyler RileyKent Farrington

A bicycle rider is traveling up a hill. When the rider reaches the top of the hill, she stops to rest.then she travels down the hill. Which one describes it?

When the rider is at the top of the hill, her potential energy is the greatest, and her kinetic energy is the least.

What is the top speed for a YZ 450F?

It really depends on the rider.. the bike can go 1,000,000mph but the rider can only get it to 500mph.

Who was top motocross rider in90's?

One of the top riders had to be Jeremy McGrath

Honda Cr 80 top speed?

The top speed of a Honda CR 80 depends largely on the weight of the rider. If the rider is 155 pounds, it may reach a top speed of about 65 miles per hour.

Top speed of Honda CRF50?

25-30 depends on the weight of the rider 25-30 depends on the weight of the rider

What movie is the quote negative ghost rider on?

Top Gun

Who is James Stewart Jr?

James Stewart Jr., widely known "Bubba" is a professional motocross racer. Well known for his tenacity and speed as well as being the first African-American to have success at the very top levels of the sport of motocross. Some of his accomplishments are: 2002 AMA 125 Motocross National Champion 2003 AMA 125 West Supercross Champion 2004 AMA 125 East Supercross Champion 2004 AMA 125 Motocross National Champion 2006 FIM WSXGP Supercross Champion 2007 AMA Supercross Champion 2008 AMA Motocross National Champion