Who are kimi raikkonen sponsors?

Updated: 12/5/2022
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Q: Who are kimi raikkonen sponsors?
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Who does kimi raikkonen drive for now?

kimi raikkonen drives for Lotus F1 Team in Formula 1

Is kimi raikkonen now divorced?

Yes . Kimi is divorced .

How tall is kimi raikkonen?

170 cm

Where was Kimi Raikkonen born?

Espoo, Finland

Is kimi raikkonen friend with Fernando alonso?

Yes,They are!

What is kimi raikkonen's net worth?

130 Million

Who will win 2012 Belgian grandprix?

Kimi Raikkonen undoubtedly. :)

Where does Kimi Raikkonen live?

Somewhere in the GALAXY Hope that helped

Who won the 2007 British Grand Prix?

Kimi Raikkonen

Is kimi raikkonen in dirt 3?

No he aint on Dirt 3.

Why is kimi raikkonen the iceman?

Probably because he's from Finland.

Will kimi raikkonen become world champion in 2012?