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im not a 100% sure..but i would put my money on a matchbox car..they have more weight and have a higher *terminal velocity*

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Q: Which type of toy car can win the most races out of hotweels matchbox and plastic cars?
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What are matchbox cars made of?

metal and plastic

Who makes matchbox cars?

Mattel, Inc. make Matchbox toys and toy cars.

What is the best playset to get for matchbox cars?

Matchbox offers a wide selection of quality environments for use with matchbox brand cars, user selects their own niche to play in.

Will hot wheel car track allow matchbox cars run on it?

Yes, Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars will run on the same track. Remember that Matchbox are not designed to be Race Cars and will not perform like Hot Wheels.

Where can I find information about the latest matchbox cars and accessories?

Matchbox cars are still being produced to this very day. They have been extended into a range of Dino, Arctic and even Batman tracks and accessories to pair with your matchbox cars.

How matchbox cars are made?

almost made of the same material that Hot Wheels makes kind of metal stuff or maybe some make them in plastic

What are Matchbox toys made of?

Most of them are made of die-cast steel, although there have been the occasional vehicle made of plastic on a die-cast steel chassis.

Were do you get Matchbox cars?

The current Mattel Matchbox cars can be found at any toy store. I even see them in most major supermarkets' toy aisle. If you're looking for the original Lesney Matchbox cars, I would suggest eBay. I've yet to find one source that consistantly has Lesney Matchbox cars in good condition for sale at reasonable prices.

What are current prices for matchbox cars?

Get the latest Matchbox Guide by Charlie Mack or check Ebay.

What is another word for collectible cars?

Another name for collectible cars is matchbox cars.

What is the difference between hot wheals and matchbox cars?

they are different brands of cars

How many matchbox cars have been made?