Which are the Formula 1 flags?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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There are many color flags used in F1 racing. Some important flags are: a. Green flag - Start or Restart of a race b. Yellow flag - Caution (Usually in parts of the circuit where accidents have happened) c. Red flag - Race stopped d. Blue flag - To allow overtaking of the following car which is one lap ahead e. Chequered flag - Successful completion of race

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FIA approved flags

Green - Start, end of hazard, or restart

Yellow - Local caution or full-course caution (if displayed with "SC" sign)

Yellow & Red/Orange striped - Debris/oil/slippery course (road courses only)

Red - Session stopped

White - Slow vehicle on track

Black - Return to pits (i.e., disqualification)

Black with Orange circle - Car has a dangerous mechanical problem and must go to its pit

Black & White (diagonal split) - Unsportsmanlike conduct

Blue - Faster car approaching, cars being lapped must move off the racing line to allow the faster cars to pass or face a penalty

Black & White (chequered) - Finish

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Q: Which are the Formula 1 flags?
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