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Drag racing games are popular in areas where drag racing tracks are located, but have widespread general appeal across the United States, Australia, and the UK. Drag racing games are most popular among adolescent and young adult males and are available on many game platforms, mobile devices, computer, and online.

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America, Australia, England are the main countries

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America, Australia & UK

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Q: Where would drag racing games be popular?
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What kind of drag racing games are there?

The thrill of drag racing can be simulated with video games. Look at your local game store or to see a complete selection of games. This will be the best way to get your fix.

Where can I play drag racing games online?

Drag racing games online can be found at There's a game called midnight run that is seriously fun! Another racing game you might like is Mario Kart!

Three countries where drag racing is popular?

England America Australia

3 countries that drag racing is popular in?

USA, Australia, and Canada.

What is illegal drag racing?

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Which car is most popular for drag racing?

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Are street racing and drag racing the same thing?

no, street racing is just that - street racing, it is done on public roads etc etc. drag racing is an official sport where u race at organised event at official drag strips.

Who invented the first drag racing car?

Wally Parks invented the Drag racing car

Are there any online drag racing games to play to keep your mind off of food? has tons of games to keep you occupied, including racing games. Have a blast and keep your mind off the crave.

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