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unfortunately, the t-stat is located in a very hard to reach spot on the driver's side of the engine. it sits sideways behind the exhaust. if you follow your upper radiator hose (driver's side of the car by the coolant reservoir tank), you will see where the hose connects to a long metal pipe with a bleeder screw on top. if you follow this pipe to where it connects with the engine block, you'll (barely) see that the pipe is actually your t-stat housing. you will only be able to see the top bolt on the housing if you're looking from under the hood. my advice is to call around and find out which shop is the cheapest and have it done there. if you call and tell them what kind of car it is and that it's the 3.1L SE model, they'll probably know immediately why you're having to bring it in. mine cost about 70.00 to have replaced. it's really the stupidest thing I've seen so far on these cars, because it's something that's usually so easy to take care of, and so vital to keeping your engine from blowing up. if you don't really know your way around under the hood of these vehicles, there's too much stuff to take off and put back on in order to do it yourself.

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Q: Where is thermostat on 1998 Pontiac grand prix se 3.1L?
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