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Your best bet is to get a set of tire irons and practice changing them yourself. Not only is it cheaper, you don't have to wait on a shop to get it done. I ride a lot of dual sport/adventure rides and it is not uncommon to have to stop and change at least 1 flat every ride (usually 4-8 of us go out together). We carry tubes, tire irons and a CO2 tire inflator kit in our back packs.

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Q: Where can you get your dirt bike tire fixed on a Sunday?
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How big is the rear tire tube on a baja 70cc dirt bike?

the rear tire tube on a 70cc baja dirt bike is 3.0-12

What is the easiest dirt bike to learn how to ride?

baja 70 dirt bike from Canadian tire its easy to ride and also fun

What is the Tire pressure of a CRF 230?

is the tire presure in a honda dirt bike 230 crf

How many pounds does a tire weigh?

depends on what kind of tire you are talking about like a bike tire or car tire or a motorcycletire slash /dirt bike tire. be more specific next time. bub!

Max tire pressure for a 2001 Honda CR250R dirt bike?

on the side of the tire it will tell you the max pressure

How do you remove an inner tube from a dirt bike tire?

Google "how to replace dirt bike tires" or look at forums at thumper talk

Can you skid on a fixed gear road bike?

If the bike is set up properly, with a real fixed hub, then you should be able to do it. Keep in mind that the contact patch on a road bike is quite small, and that you're likely to wear your tire out quickly.

How is chemistry related to dirt bike tires?

Chemistry is related to dirt bike tires in the composition of the rubber used in the tires, which involves understanding the polymerization processes and material properties. Additionally, the chemical reactions that occur in the tire compound when it interacts with different surfaces and environmental conditions impact the tire's performance and durability. Chemistry is also involved in the design and development of additives and compounds to improve the traction, wear resistance, and overall performance of dirt bike tires.

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yes. Typically you will see a 21 inch front tire and an 18 inch rear. The taller, skinnier, front tire is better for s

How do you get good traction on a dirt bike?

if your riding off-road let some air out of your tires i run about 8 or 10 if that dosent work get a softer tire