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Cary Heart landed the first backflip in COMPETITION in the best trick competition of the 2002 X Games. He wrecked attemting it at the 2001 X games, he also almost landed it the the 2001 Gravity Games but fell of when riding away.

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I'm not sure what month.. but in 2009 by Mike Mo Capaldi (pro skater currently riding for girl skateboards)

no i am not sure who did it first but i no for a fact that mike mo didnt do it. i am sorry for those of you who clicked on this to find out it is not answered but all i can say is look at some videos of the trick on YouTube and see which was added first.

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Q: When was the first back flip landed in competition?
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How many people have landed a double back flip on a dirt bike in competition?

4 people

When was the first double back flip landed on a dirt bike?

The first double backflip ever landed was made by travis pastrana in 2007

Was travis pastrana the first to do a front flip?

Actually Mike Metzger landed the first backflip in an X-Games competition in 2002. However, in 2006 Travis Pastrana preformed the first competition double backflip in an X-Games competition.

Who is kyall renshaw?

Kyall Renshaw is a Motocross rider, the first to land a back flip (I believe), though not in competition.

Whos was the person who landed the back flip in backflip in motocross?

Travis Pastrana.

Did he land the the dubble backflip?

Travis Pastrana has successfully landed a double back flip.

Which football players have cut a flip landed back on their feet and continued on for a touchdown?

Leroy Butler

Who First motocross double backflip?

no it was evil Knievel that did it firstpaul dallas landed the first 250cc Motorcycle backflip (not in competition) in April, 2002. your wrong it was Carey hart at the gravity games and i think it was in the 90'sCorey hart "landed it" in 2000 but he landed it with his body hanging over the side then fell. travis pastrana landed the first clean backflip though.

Did travis pastrana ever do a double back flip?

yes... travis pastrana has landed the double back flip.. it was 3 years ago at the xgames, in fact the video is up on youtube.. but he was the first man to ever do it, now hes getting ready to attempt the triple

Who did the first skating back flip?

Fist person to do the back flip was Mike Course in 1957 in the show Paris sur la glace in Paris, France Terry Kubicka introduced the backflip in the 1976 World Figure Skating Championships. The move was banned immediately after the competition, making Kubicka's the only legal performance of that move. One reason the ISU (governing body of figure skating) banned the backflip was that it did not believe it could be landed on one foot, as all other jumps have to be. Surya Bonaly and other skaters have landed backflips on one foot, but the move remains illegal in amateur competition. It is allowed in exhibition and professional skating. Fist person to do the back flip was Mike Course in 1957 in the show Paris sur la glace in Paris, France

Who has landed double back flip MX?

Travis Pastrana, Australian rider Cam Sinclair did and Josh Sheehan

Who landed the first kick flip?

Rodeny Mullen invented the kickflip over two decades ago.