Best Answer came out sometime in the year of 1999, maybe in November.

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Q: When did ctr crash team racing come out?
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Crash nitro kart?

Crash Nitro Kart was the sequel to CTR: Crash Team Racing on the PS1. CTR was Sony's answer to Mario Kart

Where can you download ctr on the internet?

where can i download Crash Team Racing (CTR) with out buying it or paying money i any way.

Where can you download crash team racing?

i realay love ctr and fantastic fighting car

How can you be Nitro Oxide in CTR?

You can't unlock him, especially in PS1 and PS3 versions (you can buy Crash Team Racing in Playstadion network). You can only unlock him with cheats in PC version (Look for GameShark)

Who does Crash Bandicoot's voice in CTR?

I think it was Billy Pope.

How do you unlock nitrous oxide on crash team racing?

Use a Need For Speed trainer. Dowload this trainer from a website called in the "tools" section of the "Most Wanted" section. Here is the exact website: Here is another one to have more trainers: Download and have fun!

How do you list digits0-9 in aspnetc using for loop?

for (int ctr = 0; ctr <= 9; ctr++) Response.Write(ctr + ' ');

How do you abbreviate the word center?

ctr ctr

What is the cheat code to play as fake crash in crash team racing?

win the purple gem cup. Yes that's one way but another way for just the cheats so u don't have 2 do all that crap 2 get him is Hold L1+R1 and press and don't hold. Circle down down up circle circle down left and right and there u go u have Fake crash. Another way to unlcok Fake Crash is to use the Infinite Masks Cheat after you click on 'Adventure Mode' and before you click 'New'/'Load'. Enter cheat code and every time you wish to do a relic race, press circle. It will work. Every time you wish to do a CTR Challenge, it will work. However, on Time Trial Mode, it might not work.

What is the short form for centre?

Ctr. With a small c if it's not the first word in a sentence, or it isn't referring to the name of a particular center.

What does the medical abbreviation CTR mean?

CTR can mean carpal tunnel release.

What does ctr mean?

Abbreviations can have many translations, but 'ctr' usually means 'center.'