What race is the Algerian race?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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That would depend on which definition you would use to define 'race'.

Assuming you use the somewhat outdated biological method the Algerians would fall into the Mongoloid race. In this biological outlook there are only three races, Caucasoid, Negroid and Mongoloid.

Another Biological approach is blood types or genes which would vary from individual to individual.

Assuming you use a sociocultural, or a geographical definition the Algerians would be a race to themselves.

If you use an economic definition all the Algerians would not be classed in the same race, other than possibly a 'Third World' or something to that extent.

'Race' is a term which is falling away in the scientific world.

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Algeria's a melting pot and a very diverse country as it's in between the white continent (i.e. Mediterranean Europe) and the black continent (i.e. Sub-Saharan Africa). Consequently, it's not surprising that most Algerians are mixed. A lot of them are white with some easily being able to pass for a Spanish or Italian. However, at the same time many are brown or dark; especially the Algerians from towns and cities close to the Moroccan border such as those from Oran and Tlemcen. The Algerians from the south of the country (i.e. the Sahara desert) are either dark or black. Algerians as a majority though are not white although some can easily pass. They are generally predominantly of Arab and Berber descent, with varying amounts of ancestry coming from other racial groups that mainly include various Mediterranean ethnicity's, and varying amounts of Black Sub-Saharan African admixture.

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Q: What race is the Algerian race?
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