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Q: What is the value of a 1996 25 years in racing die cast replica Rusty Wallace Thunderbird?
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How many 1997 Ford Thunderbird Rusty Wallace signature edition cars were made?

As far as I know, there were only 13 Rusty Wallace Signature Edition 97 Thunderbirds produced.

Did Rusty Wallace own the 2 car?

No, he did not. Nascar owns the car numbers and leases them to the race teams. Rusty Wallace's race team using the #2 was Penske Racing.

Should Rusty Wallace come back to Nascar?

Yes, Rusty Wallace should come back to racing. Many people miss Rusty in his #2 Ford car. He was the racer a person could ever dream of. That's why when I get older I want to race just like him. Rusty Wallace is the person I look up to. ============ No. His age and the sport's technology revolution have passed him by.

What nicknames does Rusty Wallace go by?

Rusty Wallace goes by Rubberhead.

Is Darrell Wallace Jr. Related to Rusty Wallace?

No. Darren Jr. and Rusty Wallace are not related.

Is rusty Wallace related to darrell Wallace jr.?

No. Darren Jr. and Rusty Wallace are not related.

Is rusty Wallace related to Darrell Wallace Jr?

No. Darren Jr. and Rusty Wallace are not related.

Where can you find the value of older diecast cars?

what is a 2004 Action Racing Rusty Wallace #2 diescast Car worth today

What is the birth name of Rusty Wallace?

Rusty Wallace's birth name is Russell William Wallace Jr..

Is Rusty Wallace married?

Yes. Rusty Wallace is married to Patti Hall.

What is Rusty Wallace's birthday?

Rusty Wallace was born on August 14, 1956.

Did Rusty Wallace quit racing because he was too old?

No, Rusty Wallace did not quit racing because he was too old, but rather because he wanted to do other things with his life. He was also being sent to teams with less funding, because major owners didn't want to have to hire a new guy after one or two years. Racing became more of a chore than a profession and much-loved pastime.