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His dad's name is Gary and his mom's name is Cathy.

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Yes, he was. Jimmie died in a motorcycle race when he was 14

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Jimmie Johnson's father is still alive.

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Q: What is the name of Nascar driver Jimmie Johnson's father?
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He was pretty much born to it. His father Lee, was a NASCAR driver.

Who is NASCAR driver Richard Petty's father?

Richard Petty's father was former Nascar champion Lee Petty.

Who is nascar driver Steve Wallaces father?

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What jobs do Jimmie Johnson's parents have?

Jimmie Johnson's father, Gary, is a heavy machine operator. His mother, Cathy, is a school bus driver.

Does Nascar driver Ryan Newman have a nickname?

Greg Newman is Nascar driver Ryan Newman's father.

Is Dale Earnhardt Jr. a NASCAR driver?

YES! Of course he is, just like his father before him.

What is the first name of NASCAR driver Jarrett?

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Where does Joey Logano's father John Logano work?

Joey Logano is an American NASCAR driver. His father, John Logano, is known for being at races with Joey, but he has not revealed to the public his occupation.

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Who is Jimmie Johnson's family?

Father: GaryMother: CathyBrothers: Jarit and Jessie (both younger)

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