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If they own a one-truck company and drive for themselves, profit will be dependant on their margins.

For example, a driver that drives from CA-FL and back year-round will make $60,000 to $90,000 profit, depending on how many miles they drive and how they run their company.

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Q: What is the average salary of a semi truck driver?
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Can a truck driver keep the semi?

If they buy it.

What is the average length of a semi truck just the truck unit cab?

An average semi 'tractor' is about 30 feet long.

Are there any websites where independent truckers can look for jobs?

An average semi-truck driver can make up to 50,000 a year as an independent truck driver. They can make more depending on the load and the company that offer a price for the traveling.

How much is insurance on a semi truck?

This will depend on year and brand of truck, a driver record, number of miles truck will be driven in a year, and type of freight a driver will be hauling

Can you use a semi truck as a daily driver?

I guess you could get by with it if you wanted

What is the fuel efficiency of a semi truck?

The average fuel economy of a semi truck is between 5 and 7 mpg when loaded.

What is the average AREA of a semi truck and a pickup truck?

better y=to use it

What is the average length of a semi truck and trailer?

Average is 70 feet

What is average cost to rent a semi truck?

800 a day

What is the average lenght of a semi truck and trailer?

70 feet

Is a light duty commercial truck a semi truck?

"Semi truck" has become common usage for a Class 7 or 8 truck driver pulling a trailer which is mounted by a fifth wheel, but can be applied to any truck pulling a trailer which is fifth wheel mounted.

What is the km per liter of diesel of an average semi trailer truck?

The kilometer per liter of diesel of an average semi truck and trailer will depend on the habits of the driver, the weight of the load, and the terrain of the road. Most newer trucks can travel about 6 to 7 kilometers per liter of diesel fuel on a flat road with a fully loaded trailer.