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(85...150) is essentially a measurement of engine size. So a larger engine would obviously be faster This isn't correct. The CR85 is a two stroke of the CRF150 is a fours stroke. So essentially they are the same in race spec and class. Technically in the right hands they are identical in speed. the two stroke will accelerate a little quicker but the 4 stroke gets it back in the mid range and they cross the line at about the same time. the CRF though is much heavier and in the wrong hands will get eaten up by the CR85 2 stroke.

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the cr 85 expert will beet the cr 125 like nothing the cr 85 expert equals a 250 2 stroke.

That is... just plain wrong. A CR85R expert is simply a CR85, an 85 cc 2 stroke in mini bike chassis, but with bigger wheels (19 inch front and 16 inch rear), an extended swingarm to allow the larger wheel, and slightly different gearing to compensate for the wheel size, again. The 125 has more power, suspension, and is overall a much better bike if you are large enough to fit on it. An 85 is good for kids.

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One Is A Four-Stroke And One Is A 2-Stroke

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Q: What is faster a Honda cr 85 or Honda crf 150f?
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What is Faster Ktm 85 big wheel or a Honda crf 100?

The KTM is estimated to have a maximum speed of 60 to 65 mph. The Honda CRF 100 is said to do 62 mph on a straight gravel road. The difference is negligible and depends on tuning, sprocket size and kind of terrain.

Is the crf150f faster than an rm 85?

A RM 85 is twice as fast as a CRF 150F. The RM is 143 lbs and 23.5 horsepower, the CRF is a portly 214 lbs and 12.8 hp. The CRF is a better trail bike, it is durable and will survive in a low maintenance environment. The RM must be maintained, it hates dirty air filters (it will bog) and needs a top end rebuild every 50 - 140 hours (depending on how you use it and maintain it). The RM is a tough bike and a blast to ride.

Is a cr 85 is fast?

well the crf 150 will go about 55-60 and the cr 85 is faster - anywhere from 75 - 95 mph.

Is a Honda CR 85 ok for a 15 year old?

as he is 15 i would get him a 150 crf or even a 250 if he races i have a 250 myself and is amazing on the trails and tracks

Which is faster 660 raptor or Honda cr 85 both stock?


What is more powerful a 2004 yz 85 or a 2008 crf 150?

the crf150 i own a 04yz and i rode the crf its a crazy bike

How fast can crf 230 go?

It goes about 70-85 mph

Is a kx 85 better than a crf 150r?

a crf150r is like a rocket to a kx85 a crf150r will eat a kx 85 for breakfast!!! there both fast but i have trouble with the kx and no trouble with 150!!! So overall a crf150r runs better and is faster!!!

What goes faster the Suzuki LTR 450 or the Honda TRX700xx?

my Honda trx700xx will run 85 mph and my friends suzuki ltr 450 will run 79 mph so the Honda is faster it all depends on the stock gearing. i got my ltr up to 87mph

Crf 80 or sx85?

a crf 80 is a good bike for a 8-12 year old that's just starting out (its what i started out on) now i have an 85sx and its a race bike not a good bike to start out on. But it is really fast.btw a crf80 is more built for a trail and is made my Honda........ while as a 85 sx is built for the track NOT TO START OUT ON. to much power for a beginer.

How fast is a Honda xr500r?

A Honda 1982 Honda xr500r goes about 85 mph.

Is a kx100 or a ktm 85 faster?

The KTM 85 is faster but much more difficult to take care of.