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Nicknames are earned. They usually are given by someone who observes your habits or some wild circumstance you were involved in.

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Q: What is a cool nickname for a Motocross racer?
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How did Casey Stoner became famous at Motocross Rider?

He is a Moto GP racer, not a motocross racer.

What is a motocross racer?

A motocross racer is a person who participates in motocross races. These races often take place off-road, using motorcycles or all-terrain vehicles.

Who is ryan villopoto?

pro motocross racer

Best motocross racer in the us?

James Stewart.

How do you be a motocross racer?

Practise and practise. Push your self and you will get better and better and then you enter motocross races and if you are good you could get sponsored.

Motocross rider Ryan Villipoto?

Ryan Villipoto is a famous motocross racer who won the 2011 title and many many more titles

What is th average pay for a rookie motocross racer?

the average pay is 1 p

Motocross is cool?

No... A matter of opinion but yes, ... its cool.

Who is Cary hart?

Carey Hart Is A Motocross Racer. He Is Also Pink's[The Singer] Ex-Hubby.

Who is Landon Currier?

landon is a motocross racer who is very fast. he rides for Yamaha redbull and fox

Where can motocross action be watched online?

One can watch motocross action online from the following sources: Alii Sports, Motocross Action, Free Cast, Cycle World, YouTube, ESPN, Racer X Online, Fuel TV.

Does ricky carmichael like to go fast?

He is a pro motocross racer. Obviously he like to go fast.