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You could really be any height you want, it would just be difficult if you were short. I would recommend at least, At Least, 5 ft or taller

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Q: What height do you have to be to get a 125 cc dirt bike?
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What is the best 125 dirt bike?

Yamaha TTR125 is the best dirt bike. I think it’s a good idea for a beginner to use a dirt bike with low engine power. Yamaha TTR is a perfect mid-size beginner bike; it has a 124 CC engine with four strokes.

How tall is a 70cc dirt bike in inches?

It depend on bike different bike have different height. But 36" At Handlebars - 24" At Seat is the approximate height of any bike.

What is a dirt bike cc?

a dirt bike cc is a measurment for cubic centemeters

Your bike was 125 CC so what is your engine size?

A bike that is a 125 CC has an engine size of 125 cubic centimeters. A 125 CC bike is usually used for off road travel.

How fast is a 125 cc 2-stroke dirt bike?

with stock gearing should run 62-70 mph

What is the highest cc in a dirt bike?

1000 cc that i know of

What models of motor scooters are easy to handle when driven on dirt or gravel roads?

rlly none they are mostly made for travel in France and most foreign countries if you want something for offroading go for a 75-125 cc dirt bike depending on your height and weight

Im 5'7 and 120 pounds is a 125 cc dirt bike to big?

No because I ride a 125 and I'm 6,8 300 pounds and still top speed is 70

What is 150 cc?

dirt bike motor

Which is better for a 5'1 95 pound person a fifty cc dirt bike or a one hundred cc dirt bike?

100cc the bigger the better

How fast does a 111 cc dirt bike go in mph?

A 111 cc dirt bike will go approximately 40 miles per hour. The exact maximum speed is dependent upon the manufacturer of the dirt bike.

How does cc effect a dirt bike?

Bigger cc = bigger motor = more power. But also heavier bike.