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Q: What flag is waved to show the winner in motor racing?
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What does the blue and white chequered racing flag mean?

That flag is waved when the winner crosses the line.

What does the checkered flag represent in car racing?

The checkered flag is the signal of the end of the race. When the flag is raised it alerts the drivers that the last lap is starting, when it is being waved the first car to cross the finish line is the winner.

In f1 racing which color flag is waived when a faster car passes?

A blue flag is waved to inform you that a faster car is coming up to lap you.

What color flag would a motor racing driver receive if he were disqualified?

Black Flag.

What is the colour of the danger flag in motor racing?

Satanic Red

What is signal displayed to indicate the end of race in Motor racing?

They wave the checkered flag.

What did one flag say to the other flag?

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Who waved Pakistan flag firstly after partetion?

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What is a flag you wave in the wind?

A flag that is often waved in the wind is the national flag of a country. It typically represents the identity, values, and pride of a nation.

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What is the red flag for?

In motor racing a red flag means that conditions are unsafe and cars should either proceed to the pit road, or stop at a specific location.Other sports may have other meanings attached to a red flag.

What color is the flag at the start of the race?

The Green flag is usually waved when race starts and when race is back on when security car leaves the track