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nitro / methanol / petrol!

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Q: What do NHRA drag racing cars run off of?
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Where were the drag racing scenes in Parenthood filmed?

Speed World in Bithlo, off Colonial (SR50)

What is drag racing fuel?

Drag racing is where 2 cars or bikes race down a quarter mile and whoever crosses the line first wins the race. There are many categories in drag racing which include Top Fuel Dragster, Top Fuel Funny Car, Pro Modified and Pro Stock. There are many different categories below these but these are the most popular.and the crashes are awesomeBest Answer-Drag Racingis where 2 cars race down a measured strip of asphalt or concrete. NHRA is the National Hot Rod Association. In the NHRA pro level, whoever reaches the finish line first wins. IHRA is the International Hot Rod Association. In IHRA, you dial-in a certain time which your car will usually run. If you run faster than that, you do something called Breakout. How you start is you heat your tires by doing a burnout. then you pull up to something which is called a Christmas tree. It really isn't a Christmas tree, but it senses when you break two beams. Which is called staging.once you and the other driver stage. The Christmas Treecounts down, as it does 3 lights come on in a certain order. Then it senses when you take off. two lights represent this. One is green. One is Red. Green=good start. Red=too early. If you are Red its called a RedlightGo To for more info.!!!!!!

How did Drag racing gets its name?

In the 1950's and 60's, cars were often modified by their owners to achieve a one off "custom" look. These cars were called "HOTRODS" Their were suspension, driveline, body and engine modifications to make each vehicle unique. One popular modification was called "dropping" or lowering the suspension. This involved changing or modifying the springs, and made the car very low to the ground. The engines were also tweaked to produce a lot more horsepower than stock. As these vehicles cruised the streets, owners would often see each other. Sometimes there was a local hang out where these people and their cars would gather. As people talked and things progressed, it was only natural that owners would want to settle which car was best or quickest. Street racing was born. Cars would accelerate away from a green light at maximum throttle. The car that crossed the next light first was the winner. When these lowered cars took off, the massive power would make the back of the car squat causing the bumper to drag on the ground for the first few feet. As this type of racing continued, the term "drag" racing was born because of all those bumpers dragging on the pavement.

Are there any online drag racing games to play to keep your mind off of food? has tons of games to keep you occupied, including racing games. Have a blast and keep your mind off the crave.

In drag racing what is a 'tree'?

A "tree" is is referring to the "Christmas Tree". It is the cluster of red yellow and green lights that determine when the racers are going to take off.

What does ralliart mean?

Ralliart is a brand name through Mitsubishi Motors. It manufactured and sold high performance parts for rally cars and off-road racing cars.

Do people in Fiji use cars?

Of course, yes they use cars of all kinds. Theres a racing track in Pacific Harbour off the town of Navua in Serua Province. Theres cars,buses,trucks,etc..

What is off road biking?

Off-road racing is a huge format of racing where various classes of specially modified vehicles (including cars, trucks, motorcycles, and buggies) compete in races through off-road environments.

When was SODA Off-Road Racing created?

SODA Off-Road Racing was created in 1997.

When did Championship Off-Road Racing end?

Championship Off-Road Racing ended in 2008.

When was Championship Off-Road Racing created?

Championship Off-Road Racing was created in 1998.

When did SODA Off-Road Racing happen?

SODA Off-Road Racing happened in 1997.