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Q: What colour flag stops a Formula 1 race?
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What colour is the flag at the end of an F1 grand prix race?

It is a chequered flag, so it is black and white, in alternating squares.

What is the colour of the flag shown to a driver during an F1 race if the driver is banned from the particular race?

You can be shown a black flag with the car number if you are disqualified mid race. You can't be "banned" unless you qualify below the 107% time or cause a lot of serious accidents.

What do the different colour racing flags in F1 mean?

There are many color flags used in F1 racing. Some important flags are: a. Green flag - Start or Restart of a race b. Yellow flag - Caution (Usually in parts of the circuit where accidents have happened) c. Red flag - Race stopped d. Blue flag - To allow overtaking of the following car which is one lap ahead e. Chequered flag - Successful completion of race

What color is the flag at the start of the race?

The Green flag is usually waved when race starts and when race is back on when security car leaves the track

What colour flag is used in horse racing to call them under starters orders?

In the 'old days' the flag used at the start of the race was white. Though they were used so often they often turned a dingy sort of beige color. Nowadays flag are only used in steeplechases and it is typically still a white flag.

What is the name of the flag at the end of a motor race?


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It wasn't designed this way. There is only so much the game developers can predict. And they have only so much time. Race-flag functionality for a regular flag doesn't seem very useful, since ctf doesn't use race points.

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