What car has the most horsepower?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Shelby Super Cars Ultimate Aero(1148 hp)

That's not best friend's dad was a car dealer and they once had a 1200 hp viper... they were afraid he would fly off the mountain suzuki escudo pikes peak probably

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Using measured torque and computer calculations, fuel-engine power is no longer a guess For years, people have tossed around the figure of 6,000 as the amount of horsepower produced by supercharged, nitro-burning engines in Top Fuel dragsters and Funny Cars. And whenever that figure is mentioned, it is invariably followed by the caveat that it is an inexact number because no dynamometer can handle the output of such engines. So who needs a dynamometer? Using calculations and physical measurements, the overwhelming horsepower of fuel cars has finally been accurately determined to be a tick under 8,000. Horsepower has been calculated using software and simple math formulas over the years, and, 10 years ago, 6,000 horsepower was an accurate figure. Racer Patrick Hale - mechanical engineer, president of Racing Systems Analysis, author of computer programs Quarter Jr. and Engine Jr., and consultant for race-car data analysis - has calculated horsepower in several National DRAGSTER articles in the past. In 1988 (one month before Eddie Hill ran the first four-second Top Fuel e.t.), Hale analyzed Hill's 5.066 record e.t. at the Gatornationals using the figures of car weight, tire rollout, wheelbase, and incremental times recorded by the track's clocks. Hale determined that Hill's engine produced 4,014 horsepower. In late 1993, Hale used incremental times and other data from Cory McClenathan's 4.762 Top Fuel e.t. record, Pat Austin's 303.64-mph speed record, and Scott Kalitta's fastest-ever 308.64 in Topeka that fall to calculate the horsepower at 6,185. The e.t. decrease in those five years was a whopping three-tenths of a second. Speed, a reliable indicator of horsepower, jumped 22 mph, from 286 to 308. The increase in horsepower was 2,171. Today, 10 years after McClenathan's 4.76 and Kalitta's 308-mph runs, the quickest e.t. has again decreased almost exactly three-tenths of a second and the fastest speed has increased 25 mph; 4.477 seconds and 333.91 mph are the best times ever turned by a piston-engine-powered car. Hale crunched the numbers from Doug Kalitta's 4.486, 333.91-mph Houston run in April and determined the maximum horsepower to be 7,900, an increase of 1,715 over 10 years. Actual torque numbers that were recorded on Kalitta's hustling run and the calculated horsepower verify the accuracy of Hale's software-derived numbers. Measuring for horsepower Torque is measured; horsepower is calculated. Torque multiplied by rpm divided by 5,252 equals horsepower. The torque, or twisting motion, in this case is the output shaft that fits between the reverser and the pinion gear. In addition to dynamometers, a transducer, or torque sensor in this application, can also measure torque. Torque sensors have been fitted to at least three fuel cars over the years: the Top Fuel dragsters owned by Connie Kalitta and Bill Miller and John Force's Funny Car. Torque sensors are made of an almost impenetrable steel that can be designed in different shapes for different applications, but they all work the same way. Inside the torque sensor is a strain gauge with an output wire attached. A mechanical force applied to the torque sensor causes a subtle deflection of the strain gauge and a corresponding and linear change in the electrical resistance of the strain gauge. Copyright National Hot Rod Association May 30, 2003

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For Now It's The 2 Liter Turbo Charged 4 Cylinder Engine In The 2014 Mercedes CLA45 AMG That Produces 355 Horse Power

The 2nd Most Powerful Is 2.5 Liter Turbo Charged 4 Cylinder Engine In The 2015 Subaru WRX STI That Produces 305 Horse Power

3rd Is The 2 Liter Turbo Charged 4 Cylinder Engine In The In The 2014 Mitsubishi Evolution X MR That Produces 291 Horse Power

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bugatti veryon

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Q: What car has the most horsepower?
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Which car has most acceleration and horsepower?

Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport is the car that has the most acceleration and horsepower.

What is the most powerful Acura car?

A vehicles "power" is usually measured by the term "horsepower". The Acura model with the most horsepower is the Acura TL-SH AWD. This car first was first released to the market in 2012. It boasts 304 horsepower. Other Acura models have horsepower around 280 HP.

Which f1 car has the most horsepower?

Unregulated. BMW. 1500 on Methanol.

What gm car has most horsepower?

I'd say the Corvette ZR1

How much horsepower does an Outlaw Sprint car have?

A World of Outlaws sprint car engine can vary from about 810 horsepower to about 900 horsepower.

How much horsepower does a 2.3l engine have?

the horsepower of a car depends on the number of cylinders it has. The engine displacement does not affect the horsepower of a car by much.

What makes a car go faster torque or horsepower?

Horsepower is the basis for a car going faster

What is the horsepower of the RS Focus?

There is no car named the "RS Focus" thus, it does not have a horsepower. However, there is a car named the "Ford Focus RS". The car "Ford Focus RS has a horsepower of 305.

What car has the highest horsepower in the world?

The most powerful car you can buy is the 2013 Hennessey Venom GT which develops 1,244 H.P.

How can you get most horsepower out of your 1976 Oldsmobile 455 for my money?

One way to increase the horsepower of your car is to get rid of its stock muffler and replace it with a straight-through muffler. They are designed to keep the car quiet, but the rob it of horsepower. Another way is to buy an intake kit that will draw in the coldest air you can get.

Most horsepower in Car?

The most amount of horsepower in a production car is 1,120 bhp from the Porsche 9FF GT9. Another car that could take its place is the Bugatti Veyron GT which originally had 1,001 bhp, so it is likely take the Porsche's place. The Bugatti is rumoured to have a top speed of 264 mph.

Is 426 horsepower good in a car?

It depends on the car. But generally speaking, yes 426 is quite a bit or horsepower.