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  1. DRS can only be used in the designated zones, even in practice and qualifying.
  2. Active Double-DRS systems like the one used by Mercedes in 2012 are outlawed.
  3. The stepped noses on cars may be covered up with a piece of laminate
  4. Crash testing has been improved
  5. Curfews on team personnel has been extended to 8 hours on Thursday nights.
  6. Front wing deflection tests have become more stringent
  7. Minimum car weight has increased to 642kg.
  8. Force majeure rule for stopping on track is removed.
  9. Qualifying will see 6 cars eliminated in Q1 and Q2, as there are only 22 cars left on the grid.
  10. Championship entry fees have been revised.
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Q: What are the rule changes for the 2013 Formula 1 season?
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