What are keys f1 through f12 for?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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These are function keys that allow you to perform generic functions in many different programs. For example, F5 will refresh the page in Google Chrome, Firefox, and internet Explorer.


The function keys (F1 - F12) are basically shortcuts, which can be used to perform a task quicker on a computer. For example: If you wanted to quickly refresh a website, then you can press F5. If you wanted to view the web developer source code (Something useful for website developers), then you can press F12.

These shortcuts will also work for different programs, depending on the configuration (settings) that are applied or set up.

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Q: What are keys f1 through f12 for?
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Are function keys on a keyboard?

Most keyboards have 12 function keys. F1-F12 (all the keys with the letter 'F' and then a number).

Where is the func key on a Dell desktop computer?

The Function keys should all be on the top. ( F1 to F12 )

What is the function from f1 to f12?

If you mean the function keys on the keyboard, they don't have a standard definition. The usage of the keys depends on the specific program. F1 is usually standardized as the help key; the other keys depend on the program you are using.

What does f1 through f12 mean?

They are function keys. Each software manufacturer can program each application to respond to the function keys in whatever way they choose. Many different developers often use certain function keys for the same thing. For example, F1 almost always opens an application's help file.

How do you press the F1 through F12 keys without pressing the FN button?

You have to consume the entire keyboard, and when you spit it back out again, all F keys will have been thoroughly pressed, except for the Fn button. It works!

Where is the function key on a desktop?

Function keys are located on a keyboard in the top part. It starts from F1 and ends by F12. Some keyboards don't have function keys.

What is the use of F1 to F12?

F1-F12 are often used to quickly access a part of a program, such as F12 opening developer tools in Internet Explorer.

Where is the command key on a dell keyboard?

The function keys are typically the top row of keys, labled F1 through F12.

How can i use an old keyboard Fn keys on mac?

If a program uses the F1-F12 keys as shortcuts and if you click them and it changes the sound or something, hold FN and it will act as a shortcut

What do the f1-f12 buttons do?

Typically, The "F-Keys" as they are known, are specific to the particular application you are using (firefox, Photoshop... etc.). As a general rule, the F1 key brings up some help documentation.

Function of F1-F12 in AutoCAD?

The F1 function opens the AutoCAD Help window. The F12 key Toggles Dynamic Input on and off when needing it.

What is special keys at the top of the keyboard also called F Keys?

They are function keys (F1, F2, F3, up to F12). F5 is the reload or refresh key, F11 is the full screen mode, and the other keys either have a use or none at all.