Motocross rider Ricky Carmicheal

Updated: 9/28/2023
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GOAT (geatest of all time) is now retired from Motocross to perue auto racing. It was announced on September 18, 2008 that Kevin Harvick and KHI will enter Carmichael in selected Truck series races next year pending sponsor's are found. It will be a third truck out of the KHI stable.

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He is a famous motocross rider that rides for Monster and Redbull

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Q: Motocross rider Ricky Carmicheal
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Winningest motocross rider?

Ricky Carmicheal (GOAT - Greatest Of All Time)

Famous Motocross rider?

#1 would be Ricky Carmichael

Who is the best freestyle motocross rider ever?

90 percent of all riders would say ricky carmichael

What games for the iPad feature dirt bikes?

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When was Mark Jones - Motocross rider - born?

Mark Jones - Motocross rider - was born in 1979.

When was Mike Jones - motocross rider - born?

Mike Jones - motocross rider - was born in 1966.

Who is the winningest motocross rider of all time?

Jeremy McGrath 85 winsRicky CARMICHAEL59James STEWART55these are combined lights (250/125)and supercross (SX) wins (250-450)7 supercross titles 72 SX wins 13 Lights wins (125cc)by far , Mc Grath is the alltime King of supercross

Who is number 13 in motocross?

It is Ricky C he is 10 for10 in motocross, has had 2 perfect seasons, has 5 championships in supercross. Since RC has retired the best active rider would come down to James Stewart or Chad Reed.

When was Ailo Gaup - motocross rider - born?

Ailo Gaup - motocross rider - was born on 1979-01-22.

Who is josh coppins?

a famous motocross rider

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Ryan Villopoto

How do you become a Motocross rider?

Practice and money.