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Answer: Many experts consider Jeff Gordon to be the best of the modern day drivers, yes Richard Petty has 200 wins but he raced with maybe 5 or 6 top level drivers and the rest of the field were just fillers. Back in R. P's prime Nascar was still young and growing and only a few races televised and purses were considerably smaller in comparison then today, the yellow flags seldom played a part in cars going a lap down, crashes, car trouble, flat tires were the reasons, yet a winner of a Nascar race won with a lead of "6" LAPS in front of second place. Today's Nascar is big money which brings in top level Engineers and top level equipment and drivers, that means the Nascar Cup Series has 15 to 20 top teams that could win in any race as apposed to 5 or 6 teams, yes Richard Petty was the best in his era, but by comparison in terms of the level of competition it would have to be Jeff Gordon

No, the best driver ever is Richard Petty.

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He is considered the best in Nascar's modern era.

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Kyle Busch is a pretty good driver, but it is all opinion.

I say Dale Jr is the best even though he has not been doing well! GET IT TOGETHER JR.

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yes he did retiered and he is a announcer for raceing

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yes, he enjoys it too

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Q: Is Jeff Gordon the best Nascar driver ever?
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Who is currently the best NASCAR driver?

Jeff Gordon is the best NASCAR driver.

Is Kasey Kahne NASCAR's best driver?

Definitely not. The best driver in NASCAR is either Tony Stewart or Jeff Gordon. No, but he is a very good driver.

What is Jeff Gordon's best finish?

Jeff Gordon's best Nascar finish is first. He won 84 races and four championships.

What NASCAR driver has the best sponsor?

I believe it is Jeff Gordon with the DuPont sponsor.

Who is the best car driver in the game Nascar 06 Total Team Control?

Dale Earnhardt, Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon, and Tony Stewart

Who is the best race car driver?

The best NASCAR driver is Dylan Taylor

What is the American Robbie Gordon famous for?

The American Robby Gordon is a famous racecar driver. He has raced in the NASCAR, Indycar, IROC, Trans-Am, Dakar Rally, IMSA, and Champ Car and is regarded on one of the best road course drivers.

Who is the best NASCAR driver at the moment?

Kyle Busch

Who is the best NASCAR driver in the US?

Jimmie Johnson!!

Who are the top 10 richest nascar drivers?

Jeff Gordon is the current (2008) highest paid driver from his rookie season (1992) to the end of the 2007 season he made estimated $89,397,060. That would be the ones that win races like, Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Tony Stewart oh and the golden child himself, Dale Earnhardt Jr, who may make more than all these drivers combined. The ones who are the best at attracting well-funded sponsors. It takes three things to be a well-paid NASCAR driver: driving skill on the track, good equipment and charisma. Driving skill gets you consistent Top Ten finishes. Good equipment keeps you on the track in the first place...who wants their logo on a car that makes 400 miles and blows up every week? Charisma puts you in commercials, because the only thing anyone buys from an annoying person is a Shamwow--and Vince doesn't drive NASCAR.

What was Jeff Gordon's best race?

The inaugural Brickyard 400.

Why is Jeff Gordon not liked?

I'd say Jeff Gordon isn't liked mainly because there are so many Dale Earnhardt fans and everyone from the south likes Earnhardt. So when Jeff Gordon started breaking Earnhardts records those fans didn't like it and felt threatened that their favorite driver in Earnhardt might not be the best still and when Dale Jr. came along all of this just added to Gordons dislike because he would beat junior at the super speedways such as talladega. Also Gordon has been known as a cry baby and many don't like him because of that.