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The Indy 500

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Q: In micro type pro puzzle what does the inn de 500 mean?
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How many micro liter in 0.5 ml?

500 micro litre

500 pieces puzzle is missing 20 pieces. What fraction of the puzzle is missing?

20/500= 2/50 = 1/25

What is the difference between a 1000 micro farad capacitor and a 1500 micro farad capacitor?

about 500 uF

Is it impossible to build a 500 piece puzzle in 1 hour?


What do you get when you soulve the sphinx puzzle on Build-a-Bearville?

500 Bear Bills

How many end pieces are in a 500 piece puzzle?

it depends on the dementions

What is 500 gigabytes Express in micro bytes?


What is the prize for completing the ancient Egypt puzzle on Build-a-Bearville?

500 bear bills.

How do you solve the sphinx picture on build a bearville?

heres a tip.If you cant complete the puzzle,get out of the pyramid then come back in and you'll notice the puzzle changed after when you completed the puzzle you get 500 bear bills i think.Hope this helped!

How many media file can a Sandisk 2GB micro SD hold?

It depends on the type of file. One song is about 4MB and there are about 2000MB on a 2GB MicroSD card. Divide 2000 by 4 and you get 500 songs.

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1500 mL = 1 500 000 microlitres

Where is puzzle 145 Professor Layton?

Puzzle No 145: 500 Pearls, Location: Layton's Study - The Animal Lover's House Answer = The traveller took 211 pearls out of the bag.