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Harm is relative to how you drive the car. On a long enough timeline, all moving parts eventually wear out. rather you are hitting the track, strip, or just Sunday driving and grocery getting, you are putting hours and wear on the moving parts. The simple answer is that if you are going to race or drag your stock GT, or any car for that matter, you are creating tourqe on the miving parts that may be in excess of the drivetrains ability to translate it into horsepower at the real wheels. Simply put, that energy has to go somewhere and will shorten the lifespan of the moving parts. Do what you want with your car, but if it is your daily transportation I would think before you slam the accelerator. You will do harm faster so all you are doing is raceing to the mechanic shop.

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Q: I have a 2001 v8 automatic mustang gt what is the best way to street or drag race it without harming it?
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