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James was born born December 21, 1985.

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Q: How old is James Stewart the motocross rider?
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What is the Average age for motocross rider?

30 yeras old

How old is Joshua Coppins Motocross Rider NewZealand?

Joshua Coppins was born March 11, 1977.

Who is will ulmen?

will ulmen is a pro motocross rider from Manhattan Montana that is 13 years old and in 10 years will be in xgames!

How old should you be to ride a crf150r?

you should be at least 12, or an experienced rider. the CRF150r is a great motocross bike for beginners

How old is James Bubba Stewart?

James was born December 21, 1985

How old is Chad Reed?

Chad Reed is an Australian motocross racer. He is has won two 250cc championships and has won two 450cc championships. His number is 22. He is married and has one kid. He is the considered the best Australian motocross racer up to date. He has beat James Stewart twice for the 2008 and 2009 450cc supercross championships.

How old is James Stewart?

US actor James M. "Jimmy" Stewart was 89 years old when he died on July 2, 1997 (born May 20, 1908)US scuba diver James Stewart was 89 years old when he died on 2017 (born September 5, 1927).UK race driver James R. "Jimmy" Stewart was 76 years old when he died on January 3, 2008 (born March 6, 1931).

What are the key rules in Motocross racing?

The racer must be a member of the AMA to be allowed to race. Then they must be at least twelve years old. The bike being entered in the motocross has to be AMA approved. Each rider must wear a full face helmet, shatter proof goggles, protective pants, jersey and motocross boots that are at least eight inches tall.

How old is your motocross bike?


Who plays Nathan James in The Nathan James Show?

The character of Nathan James is played by 8 year old actor, Riley Thomas Stewart.

Who is the oldest rider to make a supercross main event?

Charlie Burchinal, 85 years old. Races OTMX in OR, WA and BC. I believe he is in Guiness book of world records. John Dowd, a 47 years old man from New England, USA is the oldest motocross rider. He started this profession at the age of 21.

What size dirt bike should a 9 year old?

Try a Yamaha TTR 125 or CRF 150 (not the motocross version).