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Q: How much water do Formula 1 wet tires expel?
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When a vehicle hydroplanes its tires?

When a vehicle hydroplanes, the friction the tires are against is something other than the roadway - typically, it's a layer of water between the tires and the roadway. As the water has much less resistance and friction than asphalt, the tires spin much more freely.

How much water you put in rear tires?

None on an automobile.

How much water does it take to make four new tires?

2,072 gallons

How much air comes from a dolphins blow hole?

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What happens when a car hydroplanes?

A vehicle "hydroplanes" when the tires encounter enough water on the road that the tires loose traction with the pavement and actually begin to "plane" or ride on top of the water, much like a boat. In a sense you are actually floating on water.

How much do mud tires cost?

There are many kinds of mud tires. They cost about twice as much as road tires in general

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Well the formula is CuSO4

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The formula has all the nutrients and liquid necessary for the baby bird.

How much to balance 22 inch tires?

about 25 dollars a tires

What are the differences between off road tires and regular tires?

The differences are the size and the purpose. Regular tires are made to grip the asphalt, and also fitted with grooves to push water away, keeping it from hydroplaning. The off road tires are thicker, and the grooves are much deeper, giving it the ability to have good traction in the dirt and rocks.

How much does it cost for tires?

there is not one price for tires it all depends on what kind of car you have and what brand of tires you want