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Q: How much money does a last place motocross racer make?
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When was Penny Racer's Last Journey created?

Penny Racer's Last Journey was created on 2010-09-23.

What is speed racers cars name?

speed's last name was racer.

What does the loser of the Iditarod race receive?

The Iditarod Sled Dog Race is the only race in the world that gives a prize for last place. But, the not just the first place gets a prize, everyone does. The lower it gets the less money you get, though. For last place, the musher gets what is called the red lantern! Hope this helped you!

Does the racer at kennywood is the last in the world?

Kennywood's Racer is the last single-track racing coaster found in the United States and one of only three left in the entire world. There are other racing coasters out there, but they're not on a single track like Kennywood's Racer.

In Speed Racer what is sparky's last name?

Wilson Sparkolemew .

What waa the last year of kx250?

The last year the KX-250 was made was in the year 2012. This is a 2-stroke motocross bike.

What are the ratings and certificates for Last of the Summer Wine - 1973 Downhill Racer 10-5?

Last of the Summer Wine - 1973 Downhill Racer 10-5 is rated/received certificates of: UK:U (video rating) (2008)

What was the last episode of Speed Racer?

Race Around the World Part 2

Is it possible to win the flash game rich racer?

No i'm on the last level and at the last second i spin out every time for no reason.

How much does the last place winner in nascar get paid?

The amount of money won by a NASCAR driver in last place will vary from person to person. This is because it depends on their contract.

What is the average PGA tour prize money for last place?

well obviously if you are in last place, you don't make the cut! but if you made the cut and you are in last place, then you get about 1,000 dollars.

How many kilometers do brakes last?

A very detailed answer is needed So the brakes on my Motocross bike last about 500 km The brakes on my Pick up that I use to carry my motorcycle last about 100,000 km It depends on how fast you are going.....