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Q: How much is a 1994 Dale Earnhardt Sr. Maxx card worth?
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What is the value of an autographed Dale Earnhardt Sr. Maxx racing card?


How much is the first Dale Earnhardt Sr GM Goodrich cutout worth. Only 10,000 made for GM?

Dale Earnhardt #3 Vintage NASCAR Face Cap 1999 $23,383.15 2 MAXX Charlotte Dale Earnhardt POP 1/1 Psa9 Rookie Auto Rc DNA Autograph 1988 $75,000 3 Dale Earnhardt Sr Autographed RACE USED Engine Filter 1990 $44,500 4 Hershey Chocolate Bar 2009 $10,083 5 Snap-on Dale Earnhardt Tool Box N/A $7,500 6 Dale Earnhardt Sr Autographed Winston Cup Jacket Size XL c. 1990s $4,000 7 Dale Earnhardt Sr Autographed Busch Beer Metal Tin Sign N/A $2,500 8 Dale Earnhardt Sr Signed Autograph Auto Daytona Win Ticket Pass JSA BAS 1998 $1,9999 Dale Earnhardt Sr, Richard Childress, and Bob Stempel Autographed Photo 1990 $1,750 10 Dale Earnhardt Sr. Signed Autographed Race Used Goodyear #1 27” Tire PSA/DNA 1999 $1,595

When was T.K. Maxx created?

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The department store TJ Maxx was started in what state?

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How much is a 1989 Richard Petty Nascar Maxx race card worth?

Maxx Charlotte card 1A mentions 10 cards .40 to 1.00 Maxx Charlotte card 1B mentions 100 cards 15.00 to 40.00

What is a 1989 Maxx race card set worth?

It depends on which driver or car. The Phil Parson's card (without Marcia) is a high value card due to short printing. The Earnhardt car and pit crew cards are probably the most valuable. I have been a collector/dealer of Non-sports cards since 1956. One thing that I have noticed. Most of the people who print up price guides, are not card collectors, and do not take and factors into consideration when pricing cards. The 1988 Maxx Racing set, is the first and only rookie set ever printed. And it was not over printed like its counter part (Sports) cards. This makes every driver shown in this set, his (Rookie) card ! This fact alone, should make people realise, just what this set is and has been worth since it was released . When Dale Earnhardt Sr. died, his cards from this set sold at $300 to $350 each. Richard Petty's Portrait card has brought $100 . The first of anything in the collectors world, is a keeper, but I'm sure that if you want to be cheated out of a nice set like this for $50 to $100 dollars, someone will be more then glad to help you out . I have a mint set, and if I decide to let it go, $450.. is the least it will go any place for!

How much are Davey Allison Maxx cards worth?

I found a pack of 20 for $4.

How much are Dale Earnhardt Sr. 1990 and 1991 Maxx cards worth?

I have seen prices at $200, but if this is true, I would wait until the down times are over to sell because it should be at over $300. With the economy, ALL collectibles are cheap and no one wants to you save well, buy collectibles at pennies on the dollar. I recently bought Steiff animals at $20 each and they are worth over $200 when times are good. So do not think about selling now, think about any possible way to make money and BUY! Things will get better once the GOP stops blockading progress, which should be soon due to the OCCUPY movement.

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