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Rubens Barrichello competed in Formula One for a record-breaking 19 seasons. He entered the sport in 1993 and left at the conclusion of the 2011 season. In that time he won 11 Grand Prix but was unable to claim the World Championship.

He has driven for several teams in his career:

1993 - Jordan

1994 - Jordan

1995 - Jordan

1996 - Jordan

1997 - Stewart GP

1998 - Stewart GP

1999 - Stewart GP

2000 - Ferrari

2001 - Ferrari

2002 - Ferrari

2003 - Ferrari

2004 - Ferrari

2005 - Ferrari

2006 - Honda

2007 - Honda

2008 - Honda

2009 - Brawn GP

2010 - Williams

2011 - Williams

Barrichello holds the record for most seasons competed in and most races started.

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Rubens Barrichello has won 11 Formula 1 races in his career.

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He retired at the age of 39 years old.

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Q: How many races did Rubens Barrichello win in his Formula 1 career?
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When was Rubens Barrichello's first race in his formula 1 career?

Rubens Barrichello is a retired formula one driver from Brazil. He was active in formula one between 1993 and 2011. He has had one of the longest formula one careers in history. He has started a record 322 races. His first ever race was the 1993 South African Grand Prix. He has won a total of 11 races and finished on the podium 68 times in his illustrious career.

What formula 1 driver had the longest career?

Jacques Villenueve had eleven in a row from the start of the season (and there was only 16 races!) He might have had another one after that too but I forget...

Who won Brazilian Formula 1 Grand prix to date 2001?

Two Brazilians have won races since the year 2001. They are: a. Rubens Barrichello and b. Felipe Massa Both of them drove for Ferrari and won races for the team. Rubens also drove for the Brawn GP team and has a few wins with them.

Who has started the most formula one races?

In total, 804 different drivers have entered at least one World Championship race, but 69 have never started a race, usually because they failed to qualify for the race. See also the list of Formula One drivers who never qualified for a race. The driver who has entered the most World Championship races is Rubens Barrichello, with 274.

Which driver participated in the most F1 car races?

The Brazilian driver Rubens Barrichello, he celebrated this year (2010) at Spa Francorchamps in Belgium, his 300th race, at the end of 2010 season he will be at 308 races.

Who competed in the most f1 races?

I believe Rubens Barrichello has, as of Belgium 2010, started 300 GPs, and finished (by my count) 216 of them, more than any other driver.

Who won the 2009 formula 1 championship?

The 2009 driver's world championship was won by Jenson Button driving for the Brawn GP Team. He won a total of 6 races that season. The 2009 constructor's title was won by the Brawn GP team. Their cars won a total of 8 races that season (6 by Button and 2 by his teammate Rubens Barrichello)

How many races did Niki Lauda win in his Formula 1 career?

Niki Lauda won 25 Formula 1 races in his career.

How many races did Jacques Villeneuve win in his Formula 1 career?

Jacques Villeneuve won 11 Formula 1 races in his career.

How many races for Roger Williamson in his Formula 1 career?

Roger Williamson started only two races in his Formula 1 career, both in 1973.

How many races for Yuji Ide in his Formula 1 career?

Yuji Ide started four races in his Formula 1 career. They were all during the 2006 season.

How many races did Gilles Villeneuve win in the Formula 1 career?