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since x games 2008

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Q: How long have sherri cruse and travis pastrana been dating?
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Is Travis Pastrana still dating Sherri Cruse?

Yes he is Been dating sense X games 2008 have Never broke up and are now engaged sense July 4th 2011

Did sherri cruse and travis pastrana break up?

Yes they broke up. But I'm not sure who broke up with who, or if it was mutual.

Does travis garland have a girlfriend?

Yes he does. Sherri cruse. They've been dating for a little while now. They met at x-games.

Where is Sherri Cruse from?

California- ( at the throttle of the Golden State!) indeed, a speed girl.

Who is Sherri Cruse?

She is a female motorcycling competitor in the motocross sphere. I believe she is related ( possible sister) of the late aviatrix ( and stunt pilot professional at that) Vicki Cruse who died in a 2009 accident. I cannot confirm they are sisters. the name Vicki Cruse seems to be derived from either the British War medal- the Victoria Cross- called VC, or the Spanish Victoria De La Cruz, which is either her real name, or can be translated Victory of the Cross- Good Godrey! ( pun intended).

What is the birth name of Eddie Cruse?

Eddie Cruse's birth name is Eddie Dean Cruse.

What is the birth name of Justin Cruse?

Justin Cruse's birth name is Justin Hansen Cruse.

When was Harold Cruse born?

Harold Cruse was born in 1916.

When did Harold Cruse die?

Harold Cruse died in 2005.

When was Matt Cruse created?

Matt Cruse was created in 2004.

When was Vicki Cruse born?

Vicki Cruse was born in 1967.

When was Bruce Cruse born?

Bruce Cruse was born in 1967.