How do you start KTM 620?

Updated: 12/20/2022
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If it's kickstart, you need to follow this routine: key on, no throttle. Pull choke when cold, pull compression release and kick through the stroke 5-10 times, release comp release and push through stroke til you get to a spot where it's to hard to kick through. This is top dead center of the piston. Pull the comp release and push the kickstart lever about 2 inches, then release the comp release, let the kick starter come to the top, then kick as hard as you can! If it doesn't start, do it all over again. Once you get this figured out, the bikes usually start pretty easy. If you've got a stock edelbrock carb, they are apparently junk and you may need to get a newer carb (FCR or Mikuni, I think). Look at for addtl info.

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Q: How do you start KTM 620?
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Will the kickstart from a 1999 ktm 620 fit your 2003 ktm 200?

No, the 620 kicker is much longer than the 200. the 200 shares the parts from a 125. the 620 would need a kicker from at least a 250.

Is your 1996 ktm 620 a 2 or 4 stroke?

it was a 4 stroke

How do you make a 1995 ktm 620 easier to start?

The problem is your carb. Most likely you have an Edelbrock Qwiksilver. The carb is fine,but not for this application. In the case of both the 400 and 620, the carb was excessivelylean in order to make it through EPA emissions. The cure is to swap the carb with a KEIHIN FCR. You can get a kit from or rig one from a motocross bike. A 620 with a Qwiksilver may take 12+ kicks to start. A 620 with a FCR may only take 3 kicks to start.

Does the 98 620 sx ktm have lighting coils?

No, none of the SX models come with a lighting coil.

How do you start KTM 50cc?

kick start it.

When did ktm fit electric start to its trail-bikes?

In 1997 the LC4 was the first KTM dirt bike to have an electric start.

Where can I get help with my 85 KTM clutch?

I dont really no how to start off on a KTM 85 SX

Is there a ktm 110?

yes there is the ktm ktm 85 ktm 110 ktm 125 ktm 150 ktm 250 ktm 500

What should i do when my 2003 ktm sx will not kick start but it will push start easy and has spark kicking over?

try putting your bike in gear and rocking it back and forth...its called priming the piston..only way i can start my ktm cold

How do you check oil ktm 125sx?

you dont, drain the oil and start again

What does ktm stand for in ktm motorcycles?


My ktm dirt bike will start good but when you ride it and start it again it wont start in less you pop start it down a hill?

Could be valve clearance.