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You have two choices:

  1. Have a small amount of car driving talent and either several million dollars to effectively bankroll your own team. You could have personal sponsors worth a few million if you don't have the cash.
  2. Start as a 7-9 year old in go-karts, then formula Ford, maybe formula 3000, maybe some sport sedans, then do a few years in Europe getting a name for yourself in some enduros like 24 hour races, then get a gig in the Australian GT cup, maybe an enduro drive or two as a guest. Maybe then get a drive in the Fujitsu series and win that series, then if you are lucky a drive for a backhalf team of the main game, then a better drive and better drive, then you are a V8 Supercar star ! PS: Take about 14 years.

Easy huh?

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Q: How do you become a v8 supercar driver?
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The oldest V8 Supercar driver is David Reynolds, who was born on July 3, 1985, making him currently 36 years old.

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A V8 Supercar engine typically weighs around 250-300 kilograms, depending on the specific make and model.

Who is the best v8 driver?

The most successful V8 Supercar Driver ever is Mark Skaife. The most successful driver still competing is Craig Lowndes In the past 3 years Jamie Whincup has won 2 Championships and was Runner up in 2010

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fastest v8 production car is the new 2013 shelby gt500 mustang-650hp

Who is the best v8 supercar driver?

The most successful driver still competing is Craig Lowndes

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as it has no track application, many racing cars do not have back gears.

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The Holden dealer team HSV

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