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tell them why you love this sport and if your tall get an 85cc or 125cc

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Q: How can i convince my Mum and Dad to let me get a dirt bike and what type should i get i am tall?
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How tall should you be to ride a Honda 150 dirt bike?

when you sit on the bike, you should be able to touch the ground with your toes.

What sort of dirt bike should a 250 pound rider get?

Im 6'1 and 240lb i have an 03 crf450 and it rips

How tall is a KDX 200 dirt bike?

KDX 200 dirt bike has Seat height: 36.2"

How tall is a 70cc dirt bike in inches?

It depend on bike different bike have different height. But 36" At Handlebars - 24" At Seat is the approximate height of any bike.

How tall is a 50cc dirt bike?

The height of a 50cc dirt bike would depend on the year, the make, and the model. However, they average about 30 inches at the handlebars.

How tall is a 250 dirt bike?

at the waist of average height man normally.

What dirt bike would be best for you?

To me i like 110ccs but it differs around how tall and big you are

How tall is a 250cc dirt bike?

seat height is 39 inches of the ground

How tall to ride a 100cc two stroke dirt bike basically im 5'2 and i been told that a 100cc two stroke dirt bike like a Yamaha RT100 would be too tall for me.So if i am too short what would you sugest?

If you are looking for a dirt bike, I would suggest you go to a store that sells dirt bikes. See which ones you can get on. Some people of the same height have a longer trunk and shorter legs than others. As a result you should still be fitted to a bike just like you would be fitted to a shoe even though you are the same height as someone else.

You are 13 going 14 What dirt bike could you get?

it depends on how tall you are if your somewhere between 5.3 and 5.5 you should get a 125cc but I can ride a 125cc and im only 5.1 it just depends on how good of a rider you are.if you between 5.6 and 5.10 you should get a 150cc dirtbike.If your 5.11 or taller you can ride any dirt bike you want.

What is the best dirt bike for a tall person?

I'd say the Yamaha 3X 350CC Its got a very good suspension and extremely good center of gravity. Its about middle height for a Dirt bike and it would be good for a tall person (5'8-6'6) I would recommend it.

What tricks can you do on a bmx bike on a foot tall dirt ramp?

you can do a one-hander ,i've done aone-hander on a half foot tall ramp