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Q: Does Intel 950 or i915g support NFS undercover?
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Will the Intel X3100 support windows aero?

of course and it will run it very smoothly i have Intel 950 and it runs it perfectly

Does the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 support shader model 3.0?

Yes, Media Accelerator 950 supports Shader 3.0 model.

What are the competitors for the Intel gma 950 graphics chipset?

The competitors for the Intel GMA 950 graphics chipset are Nvidia and ATi Integrated onboard graphics chips and the Intel HD 4000 and X4500. Desktop cards do not compete with integrated.

What is max video resolution for Intel GMA 950?


Does a samsung NC10 have a graphic card?

Mobile Intel GMA 950

What graphics card does the MSI Wind or Advent 4211 have?

Intel GMA 950 Integrated Graphics

Is there a laptop card that supports vertex shader?

Most modern laptop graphic cards support vertex shaders, including the onboard ones. An example is the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 which supports vertex shader Model 3.0.

Can cod world at war work with intergrapted Intel gma 950 graphics card?

no. u can barely play cod 4 on it

Does HP compaq nx7400 have video card?

It has an integrated GPU called Intel GMA 950 which shares memory and functionality with the CPU.

Will battlefield 3 or battlefield 4 work on a PC with an Intel GMA 950 graphics card?

Yes, it can work but performance will might be an issue.

Can you play Medal of Honor allied assault with these computer stats Intel Pentium dual-core processor E2140 1024mb of memory 320gb hard drive Intel graphics media accelerator 950?

obviously you can and on max settings

Can I play Sims 3 on a computer with Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950?

No, you can't, get a girlfriend :) And no, the ones on Sims don't count. Dont listin to them, yes you can